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International Longevity Day and a Death-Defying Congressional Caucus

By Edward Hudgins There are over 200 congressional caucuses sharing economic, ideological, and every imaginable interest. Some have only a ...
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Postmaster General Failing Customers and Taxpayers

By Edward Hudgins On August 8, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will report to the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors ...
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Postmaster General Doubles Down on Failure

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is ignoring the intent of his own 2021 Delivering For America ten year plan to revamp ...
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Let’s Celebrate October 21st as “Human Achievement Day!”

By Edward Hudgins [Be sure to check out the printable "Human Achievement Alliance Day Booklet" PDF for details on how ...
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From “Sickcare” to Healthcare and Your 200th Birthday

I. We wallow in “sickcare.” Are you sick to death of being sick and dying? Today, we have “sickcare.” You ...
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A Realignment Strategy To Turn the Tide

(Originally published for FreedomFest-2022) We’re at one of the most polarized cultural and political points in American history. If you’re ...
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Getting Past Postal Problems

A Senate committee will shortly consider its version of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2021 to come to grips ...
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Danger to Citizens from Montgomery County Climate Plan

THE-DANGERS-OF-THE-MONTGOMERY-COUNTY-CLIMATE-ACTION-PLAN-PDFDownload The Montgomery County Council is considering a “Climate Action Plan” that by the proponents’ own admission, would cost hundreds ...
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Walter Williams and Our Prosperous Techno-Future

Walter Williams and Our Prosperous Techno-Future by Edward HudginsTo those who argue we should aim in our economic choices to ...
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Human Achievement Alliance

A Revolution Against Aging and Death Is Not Scifi

A Revolution Against Aging and Death Is Not Scifi By Edward Hudgins To assert during a pandemic that we’re on ...
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